Driver's F&Q

1. Account and Setup

  • what kinds of vehicles are accepted on the Navhoo platform?
  • We accept most PHV-licensed vehicles not older than 7 years old, please check in detail list at http://www.navhoo.com/driver of recommended vehicles. Don't have a vehicle that meets our requirements? No problem! Simply apply with your current information and we'll send you some resources to help you outfit your current vehicle to drive with Navhoo, or to get a great new deal on a Navhoo-approved car!

  • What is the purpose of uploading all my information? (E.g.-licenses, Logbook, plate number, Insurance etc)
  • It is the legal requirement of Tfl to keep record of drivers to whom bookings are assigned, It is also the inform customer of the detail of driver and their registration and type of car in order to keep safety. This insures that you possess driving privileges and are qualified to be a driver with us.

  • My availability is limited. Can I work around my schedule?
  • Our model is flexible and it's up to you to whenever you want to join the platform and start getting jobs request, We don't bound our partners to any shift pattern.

    We only act as a service provider you are the boss of your business and liable for all the cost attached to it. We have structured the fares and our commission rates at such where a customer will pay less and drivers will earn more.

    We know many professional drivers take it as their full time and permanent job and some want to utilise it as part time so be flexible to do something else in their life, Drivers are our business, so that's why we built a model that suits all. Our Platform provides you that security of job when other will deactivate you when they have their driver less cars.

  • I would like to know more about the £1 / Ride commission rate. How many trips and How much per trip average?
  • The earnings can vary based on multiple factors including, distance, length, availability, and vehicle type, among others. On average a full time driver working 10-12 hours on a go will take between 15-20 trips.

    We are offering, on first come first take basis, First 5K drivers on our STND; with others at the rate of 20-28% commission you will pay them £40-60 a day, whereas with Navhoo it is as much as your trips. Check our interactive calculations for an example of your savings with us. http://www.navhoo.com/driver

    Other platforms are maximum on 10-15% commission rate which is also lowest in the market.

  • I can't login
  • a) Set Wi-Fi on your phone to OFF
        Settings App>Wi-Fi>OFF

    b) Set Airplane Mode to OFF
        Settings App>Airplane Mode>OFF

    c) Set Bluetooth to OFF
        Settings App>Bluetooth>OFF

    d) Set Mobile Data to OFF
        Settings App>Mobile Data>OFF

    If not, go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. If you continue to run into trouble after all these steps, Try hard rest! Hold down the power button and home button for 15 seconds until the apple logo appears, once the logo appears it may takes up to 60 seconds to restart. This should hopefully resolve your issue.

    e) Remember you can always get in touch by filling the form from site/app help.

  • How to update my bank details
  • a) Go to your profile page, go to payments add credit card/debit card if new add another and fill in the details manually or take the scan of the card, fill in the CVC code manually and save.

    b) If you want to change your bank details then go to www.navhoo.com login to your account and fill up the form along the bank sort code and account details, then save usually it takes up to 5 working days a notification is sent when bank details are changed to verify as an additional security to you Email account /SMS on mobile number attached to the account.

  • My account was suspended
  • From time to time you need to update your account by providing fresh documents into your dashboard, If you haven't provided right and current documents into your dashboard our regulatory team will put restriction on your account until that issue is not resolved, You can always check your dashboard by checking your account status before starting your day.

    We also monitor driver's performance and if somebody is not up to mark we do inform first about the consequences and invite to our office to help them to earn more and provide quality service as its customer who is paying for the ride and making us both earns, a good customer care and professionalism is something we believe in.

    If there is any serious allegations passed against you by the local authority or customer for which we need to investigate and make keep the account on hold for such time, it is always advised that if you as a driver encountered something of such nature, do inform us first and explain your side of story in writing, so once other party reaches us it is resolved quickly and your account is not blocked for long.

2. Accident and Safety

  • I was in an accident
  • Safety comes first for everyone using Navhoo. If you have been involved in an accident, please follow these steps:

    1. Check that all parties involved are safe.

    2. Notify police and paramedics if necessary.

    3. Gather evidences as much possible, use your phone to do recording 360 degree.

    4. Contact us through SOS.

    Head to Trip Issues and Fare Adjustments > I was in an accident. Next, please let us know what happened. Check that you have selected the correct trip and share all available info here. A member of our team will reach out to confirm everyone's safety and gather any other required information.

  • Rider made mess
  • Please note we have fixed rate in place depending on the severity of mess. Please note that we cannot apply a cleaning fee if you fail to provide all the necessary evidence within 72 hours of the incident.

    To avail of a cleaning fee reimbursement you must adhere to the following:

    a) Your Vehicle must be professionally cleaned before you proceed to accept any further trips.

    b) You must contact us within 72 hours of the trip and provide us with photographic evidence of the mess.

    c) You should submit a legible stamped and dated receipt.

4. Troubleshoot App

  • App or GPS not working?
  • Sometimes due to the signalling issues the app doesn't load properly , we advice to move to a better signal area and reset the app, If it still remains an issue its advised to reset network .

  • Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings.

5. Payment Issues

  • I wasn't credited for a trip
  • Sometimes there can be a delay in the trip showing up on your dash board but it should usually appear within 48hours. If still not seeing it after this time, please do let us know and we'll be happy to look into this further.

  • When do I get paid for my completed trips?
  • Navhoo starts the weekly payment process on Monday after 4 am. Payment for completed trips is paid weekly on Thrusday directly into your bank account via Direct Deposit.

  • Are passengers allowed to tip drivers?
  • Yes, we encourage our customers to include a tip in account /cash.

6. Trip Issues

  • I overcharged my passenger
  • Sometime you miss a turn and it results in a long turn around and customer are overcharged from their estimated quote on the job .If customers passes their concerns we have to adjust the fare according to the shortest route on the journey and a refund is paid and deduction is carried out from the charged amount .We always want to hear from drivers as well to understand the matter if we finds reasonable we don't refund in such cases.

  • I picked up the wrong passenger
  • Sometimes it happens when driver doesn't check the customer name and doesn't verify the destination address, It's frustrating and annoying for an account holder waiting for ride and the driver picks someone else, Once you realise it your professional responsibility to first finish that job and inform us of mishap, so that the original rider is not charged falsely.

    If he is the account holder then ask him to book for the ride and if not then, Then it's you obligation and courtesy to drop that rider at a safe location.

    We may also compensate that rider for his job not carried out.

  • My toll Charges are not paid?
  • Parking fee are applied to the fare automatically on GPS location basis, if it is not applied we advice to provide the parking receipt and we will charge to the next payment statement

7. Feedback about my passenger

  • My passenger didn't pay cash job?
  • If a job that comes with indication as cash job it is advised to ask customer first that they have cash arranged first and they know about the fare cost, you must take the payment first to continue your booking request .It is also advised to keep a good keeping of your cash.

  • My passenger was impolite and made me unsafe.
  • Facilitating a safe and comfortable experience for both customer and drives is our top priority, and the kind behaviour sometime our driver do encounter is not acceptable, we take things seriously and once a driver rates his customer 1, we never match them to that driver so customer is penalized for their behaviour, and if things are serious we do support our drivers in escalating matter to the authority for lawful actions.

  • My passenger didn't show up
  • We brought some cool features, that facilitates customer on drivers arrival and help them to reach to the vehicle as well, Even if on arrival they don't show we advice to wait for max 5 minutes your waiting charges gets double per minutes after 2 minutes till the start of journey, and if it is cancelled after 2 minutes, the minimum fares applies.

  • My passenger asked me to cancel
  • If the passenger ask to cancel on arrival, you be paid for minimum fare.

  • I have other feedback about my passenger
  • If there is any issue that you want to bring in our notice you can always get in touch with us by emailing at support@navhoo.com with the details of trip and customer ID.

8 Lost and Found

  • Passenger left something in my car
  • If you notice an item left behind, please let us know by sharing details and a photo here. We'll help you connect with the rider so that the two of you can arrange a mutually convenient time and place for a return. In the next 48 hours, the rider may reach out to you directly to recover the lost item.

    In the meantime, please keep the item safe.

    In the future, it's helpful to remind riders to take all their belongings as they exit your vehicle.

Customer's FAQ

1. How to sign up on Navhoo?

You can sign up on Navhoo.com by going to our home page.

An account must be created in order to complete your booking, Fill in the Form by providing email and phone no, An E-mail and SMS will be sent for verification, a link to your smartphone for app download link will be sent, once app is opened and Sign Up is clicked a Sign Up screen will require you to fill in your details and setup your password.

Now you can log in any time to your app and start ordering, for first time you will require to set up payment details.

2. How can I update my credit card info?

Go into "My Account" and click on "payment method" to add your credit card details,

You may also add an additional payment method using the mobile app while booking your trip. Simply take a snap shot covering all edges in the border area provided; our interactive feature will emboss your details automatically, for security reasons you have to add manually your CVC codes. Using Navhoo for leisure and work? You can add multiple credit cards and even cash option to choose before your ride.

3. Forgot your password?

Please follow the below directions to have your password reset:

1. Go to the Sign In screen on your mobile app or on www.navhoo.com

2. Click on "forgotten password", under Sign In page.

3. A password reset link will then be sent to the registered email address.

4. You will be require to reset password by double confirmming it.

4. Fare estimates

We provide competitive fares in our field ,Your fare is broken down into four factors:

1. The initial base fare.

2. Transit time is charged per minute for every minute your trip takes.

3. Cost-per-mile is calculated according to the distance from pick-up point to drop off point.

4. Service fee - This fee may vary depends on credit & debit cards and number of sharers when spliting fares.

Now you will know what your ride costs as you take it, and not just on a receipt in your email.

5. I am unable to send request?

You'll be unable to request a new ride, if your payment for a past trip has been declined by your credit card or debit card.

If your app displays one of the following error messages, the bank of your selected payment method may have declined the transaction request.

- "Request Failed: Card Declined"

- "Your payment method is invalid. Please update your billing settings"

- "There was an error processing your request"

In most cases, you'll need to add a new or select a different payment method to resolve any payment issues so that you can request rides again.

6. How do I create an account?

Once you've downloaded the app, click "Register" to create your account. Follow the listed steps to register and add a payment method.

7. Why was I charged £1 before taking a ride?

We put a £1 hold on your card just to make sure it's a valid payment method. The hold is immediately released once the card is verified!

8. How do I request a ride?

To request a ride, enter the pickup and destination addresses, add notes if any, no of riders, select your choice of platform and select "Confirm Booking." An estimate will be displayed for double check and confirm again , A driver's profile will be displayed and the estimated time of arrival and interactive map of arrival will be shown on your screen

Your driver will be on your way to you in no time!

9. How do I select a different vehicle type?

You can select a Standard, MPV, SUV, Premium, Luxury & 8 Seater People Carrier vehicle by using the slider bar on the bottom of the main screen to choose the desired vehicle type.

10. Customer Ratings & Trip History

Concern about your rating, its simple click on your profile picture, here you can see ratings, reward points favourite locations.

In the Menu section, you can see how many trips you've made, or how you have rated drivers in the past.

11. Rating Matters

Rating is an act to keep safety and standards monitor and community interact, which is socially responsible and respecting each other. We follow zero tolerance on our platform, and deal any serious matter with the help of law enforcers according to law:

12. Tips for Good Ratings!

1. Our Drivers have the freedom of work some of them choose our platform for part time; they can be from any profession like you, they are not typical taxi drivers in shorts and pyjamas.

2. Slam doors politely, our platform choose cars of latest make and good condition.

3. Greet each other to make your journey pleasant. Adhere from drinking and eating inside.

4. Call your driver by his Name instead Driver or Navhoo Man.

5. We advise not to discuss sensitive matters, don't shout or play loud music, if carrying friends it's you ratings so you are responsible for them.

6. We are much cheaper to Taxis, competitive to other Pvt Hirers ,Your little gesture of 50p, £1 tip will influence drivers to give you good rating.

13. Can I Add Extra Stops to My Ride & split fares?

If you need to pick up/drop off a family member, a friend or a colleague on the way to or from the airport, Navhoo allows you to do so.

Before finishing your ride request, add your second stop address in the destination Box. Each extra stop will add base fare charges and every split account will encore transaction charges, These charges will be applied after the ride is completed and may be more than the original ride requested estimate shown at the time of booking.

WARNING:An extra stop is required to be on the way of your ride. It should not take more than 10 minutes to get to. If your extra stop is 30 minutes or more from your route, you will be charged the cost of an extra ride.

14. Do I need any cash?

We encourage cash less payments but if you don't have credit in cards and want to pay cash, we do provide this facility as well; you have to arrange cash in advance and pay before.

15. How can I tip my driver?

You can leave a tip through the tip screen in the app (or cash, if you prefer)!

16. Can I reserve a ride in advance?

We do have the feature for reservations, as all of our rides are on demand. We recommend that you request a car about 10 minutes before the time you need to leave, as we have drivers on our system around the clock!

17. Do you provide car seats?

At this time, we do not offer vehicles equipped with car seats. Law requires that children be safely secured in car seats according to age. Most of our partner drivers with people carriers can manage up to 1 child seat .In order to bring more children; you will need to provide the appropriate car seat.

18. Can I bring my pet?

The decision to transport a pet is solely at the driver's discretion. Please contact your driver after the ride has been confirmed to ask whether it's okay that you bring your pet. (This policy excludes service animals which, of course, can be transported in all cars.)

19. Favourite address

You can save time and effort by creating in app favourite addresses for app to pick quickly and accurately your destinations, simply add addresses to your profile page where it says favourite address.

20. Reward Points

Nothing comes free once it comes to service we don't want to put it to your fare and tell you it's free, But we believe there should be reward for loyalty as your business matters and that's why we give road miles to our loyal customers so that can be turned into credits / Gifts . (For More Detail)

21. Vehicle Damages & Cleaning Fees

Navhoo's Driver's strive to maintain clean vehicles in order to provide safe and enjoyable rides. We reserve the right to apply a cleaning fee in the event that damages occur to the interior or exterior of your driver's vehicle during an active trip.


1. The driver will submit evidence of the damage to the Support Team.

2. Cleaning fees are assessed and charged according to the extent of damage.

3. Cleaning fees are charged to the passenger's credit card on file and paid in full to the vehicle's driver.

In the event you are charged a cleaning fee, you will receive an email from a Support Member and updated trip receipt. You will have 48 Hrs to dispute this fee prior to being charged.

22. Can I Cancel My Ride?

You can easily cancel your booking in the app, by logging into your ride request sent.

In case of a cancellation the following policy will apply:


- Up to 2 minutes after your request and driver started arriving to your pick-up location.


-After 2 minutes Minimum fare charges will apply if you decided to cancel.

- If driver has arrived and you been notified of arrival, Upto 5 minutes driver are instructed to wait, if you didn't turned up then driver will have a minimum fare charged, for a reason rider not shown .

-If you are taking the ride and shown for arrival but still talking long then after 2 minutes an extra waiting charges per minute will apply till the journey starts, that will be 50% extra then normal per minutes charges according to the platform selected.

23. Tolls

    Mostly airport, motorways, bridges areas requires tolls when your driver's vehicle passes through a toll or an area with a surcharge, the toll amount is added to your fare.

    If your driver asked you to pay a toll or parking fee with cash and you were also charged on your receipt, please let us know. By contacting us in get in touch and fill up the details or in app trips history, go to the end says help & let us know from that particular ride.

24. Lost items

If you realize sooner after finishing the ride that you have lost something, it's best to call the driver ASAP and check for lost item. If you are unable to contact driver within 24 hours then report to us we will do our best to locate driver and enquire, Drivers are independent contractor and are not employed by Navhoo, We take no responsibility / guarantee that driver has your item and will return it to you, However sometimes drivers do return lost items to our office and if you check and report we may assist you with your things return to you or you visit in office hours to collect.

25. Rider safety

We adopt zero tolerance policy both sides, we deal with serious allegations with strict measures and if require the law enforcers then we do provide details to assist them, If you experienced anything during your trip that made you feel unsafe, please let us know by filling up form in Getting in touch section /Help, and our Care and Safety team will assist you.

26. In case of an accident

Our Care & Safety team is available around the clock to take care of our community. If you are involved in an incident that you believe threatens your personal safety, call the authorities by dialling 999 (it works even if you have no credit on your phone) or your local non-emergency assistance line. Then call our Emergency Response Line at +44 1206 237321

Restrict My Account

Lost your mobile ,No problem we will restrict your account to avoid fraud usage , and will resume when you allow us again .