We charge £1 / Ride (T&C Apply)

We Are Different !

  • Navhoo will have multiple features not found in others.
  • Drivers will be allowed to block riders with whom they’ve had a bad experience.
  • No more under waged earnings!
  • No uncertain future .It’s yours app for you, because this is your business.
  • Drivers are our business, So that’s why we built a business model that puts drivers first.

Why Drive with Us?

Earn More

With Low comissions and Navhoo support plan the opportunities of earnings are end less


With in app integrated 24/7 support everyone in the car enjoys ultimate peace of mind


Be part of an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible community

Don't wait to be deactivated !

Driver less cars are coming soon

Requirements to Drive

National Insurance Number.

UK Photo Driving Licence (original).

Electronic Counterpart code Generate here

PCO Paper Licence (original) and vehicle documents

PHV Licence Logbook (or New Keepers slip)

MOT (issued within the last six months)

Private Hire Insurance Certificate and be 21 years or older.

Your car must be a 2010 model or newer with 4-doors, and able to seat 4-6 people comfortably.

Drivers instructions for documents loading:

We recommend drivers to use scanners in their mobile phone installed like

Prior uploading the documents from the photo library it is important the pictures are scanned correctly and clearly visible with all four corners inside and not having any shadows:

This is the most common reason that documents are not approved.

Relevant information should match across all documents.

See Other Requirements

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General Inquiries

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*Fares and figures may vary according to the type of service, distance time, mileage and geo location.


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