Navhoo - latest information on COVID-19

Last Updated 04th-July 2020

Our approach is safety First.

As Govt advices travel only if necessary, we have SOP’s in placed for our Employees and Customers :

Steps we will take at our end:

We will carry out cleaning and disinfecting our scooters at warehouse /on site on regular intervals. Our mechanics and operators in field are required to wear gloves, masks and wash their hands regularly. In our office and warehouse hand sterilizers are provided. We will provide free disposable latex gloves at our engagement campaign on field with training to ride and free give away items.

Steps for riders to take:

Instructions cards will be attached to handle bar: Encouraging the riders to wipe down the shared surfaces, advising them to wear gloves as a precaution and washing hands before and after ride. We does not support discrimination of any kind against Employees OR Customers